Kade Carrigan

Kade Carrigan

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Kade has always had a passion for real estate. Before he started in the business, he spent his time out of state as a collegiate athlete obtaining his bachelors degree. Now, with his Real Estate license, Residential Journeyman License and General Contractors license, Kade is no rookie in the industry. He takes pride in his clients and always has their interests as his top priority. Kade is passionate about investment properties and loves being able to share that passion with those around him. He oversees flip projects in the Salt Lake Metro Area and has helped many clients take the first step in finding their perfect investment opportunity. In addition to having a passion in real estate, Kade is a big family guy. He is a father to a 1 year old boy, and is married to his wife of 3 years. They love spending time together outdoors; fishing, hiking, camping - you name it!
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