Commercial Real Estate with JT Bradshaw

Commercial Real Estate with JT Bradshaw

On this episode of The Buff Show, we explore the world of commercial real estate with industry professional JT Bradshaw. The host covers key topics such as the skills, education, and experience needed for success, as well as tips for networking and job hunting. This podcast provides a comprehensive guide for those just starting out or considering a career change in the commercial real estate industry. Listen to gain the knowledge and tools needed to start your journey.

In most professions you will find individuals who specialize in a given area. This is what gives them such superior results and creates additional value. Real Estate is no exception to this. With so many asset classes, it can pay to pick a niche and learn everything there is about it.

Commercial real estate is one of those asset classes leaving more unknown than known. How does one get into commercial real estate? What sort of background does one need? JT Bradshaw, an experienced commercial real estate professional, shares his insights on how to get into the industry and what background and skills are needed to succeed. JT offers valuable advice on what he did to break into the industry, including the skills he brought to the table that allowed him to close his first commercial deal.

Special thanks to JT for joining us on todays episode.

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