Ethan Annis – Investing In Real Estate With a W2 Income

Ethan Annis – Investing In Real Estate With a W2 Income

Investing in real estate isn’t only for the wealthy. It just takes consistent discipline, smart planning, and wise investing. Ethan Annis is the embodiment of these principles. Even though he never inherited money and works as a W2 employee, Ethan has been able to accomplish something that most people only dream of – he’s on his way to becoming financially free through real estate.

Ever since he was an accidental landlord for his wife’s grandma, Ethan knew he wanted to own rental properties. Now that he has his wife on board, they’re methodically creating wealth using a basic rental property real estate strategy. He started small, with a starter home that had a mother-in-law apartment. Then, he bought another one the next year, and the next, until he had built up a portfolio of 6 rental units. He has since added a short-term Airbnb and has his next property under contract, which will bring him up to 8 units.

What Ethan is doing isn’t something that takes tons of money – he simply has a plan in place and is executing on that plan for greater gain in the future. He’s a perfect example of how to create serious and long term wealth using real estate. If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation to get started in real estate investing, or even if you’re just curious about what’s possible, be sure to check out Ethan’s story.

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